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Erika Goyer, Mischka Terplan – National Perinatal Association
Pregnant Women, Drug Use, and NAS: Separating Fact from Fiction

Jenné Johns РOnce Upon A Preemie
Health Disparities, Equity and Cultural Competency in the NICU: Challenges and Opportunities

Mary Midolo, Melanie Gibson – The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund, National Organization for Rare Disorders
Allies After the NICU: Alone We Are Rare, Together We Are Strong

Haley Steinkuhler – Connected Forever
Social Media: The Digital Watercooler

Robin Baker, Sara Donahue, Lynn Hardy, Christine Tran –
Panel Presentation
Perspectives in Neonatal Health: From the Bedside

Tracy Pella – Connected Forever
Navigating the Education System as a Preemie Advocate

Lisa Grubbs – NICU Helping Hands
Training the Trainers: How to Equip Your Organization’s Peer-to-Peer Mentors Utilizing Best Practices

Carolyn TenEyck, Darby O’Donnell, Lisa Klein, Ron Portman – Panel Presentation
Perspectives in Neonatal Health: Research, Legislative, & Industry

Stephanie Vaughan – The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund
NICU Expert Podcasts: Filling the Informational Gap of Preemie Parents

Sue Hall, Kristy Love – National Perinatal Association
A Roadmap to Improving Your NICU

Allies After the NICU